Electrical switchboards

COMEP began to carry out its activities in the sector of electrical / electronic, rail and tram, for which directly performs electrical design, construction and assembly of switchboards of railway vehicles, and the integration of control systems, testing, commissioning, up to the final tests.

With the intent to continuing to progress in the ability and experience, our company has invested in order tp expand its knowledge and equipment. Thanks to that , and theexperience of its technicians, COMEP has completed a long series of works of considerable importance and complexity.

Comep has been validated since 2006 as a Trenitalia Spa supplier, register for maintenance of electric locomotives at Trenitalia plants, review activities, restoration and installation of electrical systems and equipment aboard railway carriages.

Our current customers are Hitachi Rail Italy spa, Titagarh Firema spa, Spy spa, and previously AnsaldoBreda SpA, Firema Transportation spa, Circumvesuviana srl, MetroCampania Northeast srl.

Important national and international orders; so far performed in the electrical and electronics sector, in which we are specialized:

  • Assembly and wiring of electrical low, medium and high voltage systems for rail and mass transit to customer specifications;

  • Control panels of LV, MV and electronics;

  • Realization of acceptance tests (insulation, stiffness, and functional typing);

  • Manufacture and installation of electrical systems for FS, Cutting cables and wiring branches;

  • Cabling of all kinds of electronic connectors LV and MV;

  • Supply and Cable Markers press for electric cables;

  • Maintenance and overhaul of electric locomotives.

COMEP assembled and installed switchboards on the following trains:

  • ETR 1000

  • HONULULU subway

  • LEONARDO – Milan subway


  • ETR500




  • E403

  • MADRID subway

  • LOS ANGELES subway

  • Part of BELGIUM-NETHERLANDS subway

  • BRESCIA subway MLA

  • RIYADH subway

  • MILAN subway Line nr. 5

Other activities in performed in this sector are:

  • At the Hitachi Rail Italy spa plant Pistoia:

    - Testing activities with insulation tests, stiffness, beating and blank tests for trains: ETR1000 / ETR500 / VIVALTO / DENMARK / LOS ANGELES

    - Cutting cables, connectorization and installation on board the vehicle for the trains: ETR 1000 / LOS ANGELES

    - Installation and connection BT - MT-AT for trains: ETR 500 / VIVALTO / DENMARK / LOS ANGELES

    - Introduction of the changes on the eleatica panels mounted on TSR wagon

  • Introduction of changes and service testing of IC4 drive in Aarhus - Denmark

  • Installation of the system S.C.M.T. at the construction plant FS of Milan

  • Introduction of ERTMS change of ETR500 drive at Plant Services Trenitalia of Vicenza

  • Introduction of GSM system on ETR500 engine at Plant Services Trenitalia of Vicenza

  • Electrical construction operations under wagon and in wagon of Pendolino 470 (Cisalpino/China) c/o Alstom Railway of Savigliano (CN)

  • Commissioning activities of Pendolino 470 (Cisalpino/China) c/o plant in Changchun China.

  • Revision of couplers for ALN FIAT 668-663 at warehouse of Piedimonte Matese (CE) for MetroCampania Northeast.

  • Testing (isolation and rigidity) of the locomotor IC4 Denmark;

  • Construction, installation, wiring, testing actuators and framework for Meneghino train (Quote Firema)

  • Electrical naval engineering activities c/o Azimut_Benetti of Livorno