Optical measure and jointing

COMEP since 2008 operates in the joints and measurements of optical submarine and land cables. Our staff is equipped with all necessary certificates to operate on ships and offshore platforms and is also qualified for the joint of submarine "steel tube" cables types. We have fiber optic equipments for joint and measurements of the last generation (splice machine Fujikura, OTDR Anritsu).

The latest projects that we worked on are:

  • CNP1 in Philippines,
  • Shannon in Ireland,
  • Western Link in England,
  • 50Hz in Germany,
  • Exxon in USA,
  • HeWin 1, HelWin 2, BorWin 1, BorWin 2, SylWin 1 in North Sea
  • Project Wolnay in England.

We also have qualified personnel to operate as supervisor during cable installation onboard of platforms/turbines, underground cables, on optical and HV cables.