Over the years COMEP expanded its tools equipment in order to have reliable measurement devices. Our optical equipments are: splicers Fujikura 60S / 70S, OTDR Anritsu 9083 to execute the mitigation measures on single-mode fiber at 1310nm, 1550nm and 1625nm, and on multimode fiber at 850nm and 1300nm; optical power meters Anritsu and all the accessories needed for any job situation (optical talk set, optical source, mechanical couplers, launch fibers and optical braces with connectorisations of all kinds).

For electrical switchboards and wiring the principal equipments available are: Cembre presses that allows to connect cables up to 700 sq mm; the meter Megger Insulation Metriso 5000 that can perform insulation resistance measurements up to 5 kV; the Sefelec tester RMG15AC for testing the dielectric strength up to 15kV AC.

For the energy sector we have the echometer TDR Baur IRG 2000 in order to identify future faults in power cables by the method of reflection and can be used on cables up to 65 km long.